Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti!

Vegans Unite for Haiti!

The Post Punk Kitchen has listed a wonderful resource online for vegan bake sales across the country, with the funds going to help those who have suffered devastation in Haiti.

When I heard about this effort, I knew I wanted to help out, and with the wonderful help of Marla from Vegan Street, I learned how to donate for the following two events in Chicago:

Bake Sale for Haiti #1:
1911 W. Division, in Chicago
Sunday, January 31st, from 12-5

Bake Sale for Haiti #2:
Renegade Handmade
1924 W. Division, in Chicago
Sunday, February 7th, from 11-5

Please stop by and enjoy some goodies for a good cause from Veg Baker, J.D. and other local vegan bakers; if you're not in Chicago, check out your own local bake sale! If you're interested in volunteering baked goods or time, drop me a line and I'll get you in touch with the fabulous organizers.

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