Friday, August 6, 2010

A Call to Arms: Help Popeye Win $10,000 and Raise Awareness about Disabled Pets

It's no secret how strongly I feel about shelter dogs and cats. One special spot in my heart will always be for the paraplegic animals, though; they make astounding pets just like any other dog or cat you may find, but sadly, they tend to be overlooked.

Let's change that! One of my favorites is Popeye, from Walkin' the Bark Rescue. Popeye was rescued from Taiwan and is now a spunky, adorable foster dog living the good life in Northern California; please read his amazing story here, and think about adopting him! And seriously, who wouldn't want that face?

My friends have had to talk me off the ledge multiple times when it comes to Popeye (and by the ledge, I mean hopping on the next plane to San Fran to bring him home. If only we didn't have a million stairs and if only I knew whether or not he wouldn't mind being tormented by three dog sisters...).

Anyway, if you can't adopt a guy like Popeye, let's raise his profile to help him find a home! His foster mom, Judy, has been nominated as an outstanding foster parent on Petfinder, and if she wins, Walkin' the Bark gets $10,000! It's very easy to do, and you are allowed to vote multiple times. The link is here:

So let's get down to business and raise money for Judy and her work while helping more people learn about Popeye, and hopefully, speeding up his chances to get a forever home!

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